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LED signage is a brilliant way for businesses to showcase their brand or advertise their services, they also offer a variety of benefits as they are environmentally friendly, have a longer lifespan, provide bright image at a lower cost and they are great in colder climates. At Bright Led Signs we use only LEDs on all new signage at the same price as our competitors who are offering fluorescent lamps.

Why LED Signs are better?
  • LED Signs use only 1/10 the power of other lighting alternatives. They emit virtually no wasted heat and their pure white light remains undimmed by time.
  • LED Signs carry a 50,000 hour warranty (5 year) compared to fluorescent lamps that have no warranty.
  • LEDs are more efficient. On average, LEDs use 78% less power consumption than fluorescent lamps.
  • LEDs are much more brighter than any other Commercial lights.