About Us

Bright Led Signs Founded in 2003, Bright Led Signs is one of Canada’s fastest growing business signage company. Our work has been featured across British Columbia, in Abbotsford, Vancouver Surrey, Burnaby, Delta or Richmond and many more cities no named yet. And we worked together with leading Retail, Construction, Architectural and Marketing Companies to make the magic happen. Together with our state-of-the-art equipment and skill of craftsman and designing, Bright Led Signs looks to build lasting relationships with our clients one at a time.

Bright Led Signs uses the latest digital technology and infrastructure to serve the needs of a growing and ever-changing commercial signage market. From LED Display Screen , to Channel Letters and a Full Color LED Sign Display, Bright Led Signs uses it all to explore new graphic possibilities.

In our digital Sign you can be rest assured that all of your LED SIGNS will be produced with perfect color consistency and accuracy. Bright Led Signs uses best product and material to give our clients a long lasting services. and its not us who is saying all this we have a 100 % clients all across the BC to show the Proof.

Give us a call and we will do it all